Indirect Volunteer Roles

Roadies/Heavy Lifters

At certain times of day, we have a lot of instruments and equipment to move at once and can use all the hands we can get. Typically 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, and 5:00 pm.

Food Prep

Prepare snacks during lunch for campers and a meal for volunteers and clean up after meals. No cooking involved (unless you want to!), just setting things out, helping serve, etc. Midday.

Camper drop-off/pick-up

Oversee campers once they have been dropped off in the morning before camp starts or after camp ends while they are waiting to be picked up. In the mornings, this can include facilitating a laid back activity for those campers, i.e. group YouTube, game, short film, etc. Early morning and late afternoon.

Final Performance Crew

We have a number of roles that are only needed for the final performance(s). These include moving instruments and equipment, setting up the stage, welcoming attendees and handing out programs, running the merch table, displaying camper art and photos, etc.