Direct Mentorship Volunteer Roles

Music Instructor

Teach an instrument (bass, drums, guitar, keyboard, vocals) - remember that many of the campers have never played before, so you don’t need to be a master musician. Unless you are teaching an advanced class, you will just be teaching the very basics. Flexibility is more important than strict lesson plans for this position. This position takes place during the first half of the day.

Band Coach

You will be assigned a band and oversee band practices. Each band will have one or two band coaches. We are looking for each band to have a person who is familiar instructing teenagers, and knows something about music. As a result, some bands will have two band coaches, this position takes place during the second half of the day.

Camp Counselors

Assist campers in general – get them to different activities, be available to help during emergencies. This is an all day position, but has lots of down time when campers are in classes. Counselors will also run team building/fun activities between classes and in the morning.

Workshop Instructors

Facilitate one or more workshops to 5-25 campers depending on subject matter and interest. Some of the core workshops we're offering include comics, poetry, self-defense, zine making, and media literacy so feel free to apply for those or send us any unique workshop ideas!